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We are aware that the nature of work undertaken by us has a major effect on the local environment. The company affects the environment as a landowner, an employer and contractor in arboriculture. It is our policy to endeavour to minimise negative effects and maximise positive effects on the environment.

We work towards the achievement of protection systems for the environment and to ensure a long term sustainability of resources. We strive to produce goods and services with a Green Policy in mind.

At Total Tree Care we are striving to go back to the original methods having a low impact on the environment and providing sustainable communities. Where applicable on environmentally sensitive sites we have the option of providing horse logging for extraction of timber.

Stephen and Noel Donaghy have been involved in climbing inspections for potential wildlife habitats in relation to tree works ie. potential bat roosts, squirrels, nesting birds etc.

With the horse logging method we are lowering noise pollution whilst also avoiding compaction of the ground from machines. Through this method we are not creating any environmental pollution e.g. Fuel spillages, whilst also turning the ground over creating a perfect seed bed for natural regeneration.

A Total Tree Care Company are involved in some pest control on newly planted sites and ancient woodland sites and where possible, will strive to use environmentally friendly options.

All products of our operations are recycled, sometimes onsite reducing off road mileage and transportation costs. A Total Tree Care Company has their own mobile sawmill which convert felled timber etc on site.

We have been presented with numerous awards for our environmentally friendly led projects including the Pride of Britain Awards.


Comply with any legislation concerning environmental issues, train and educate all employees on environmental policies and endeavour to foster a sense of responsibility at all levels, raise awareness on environmental issues amongst those whom we conduct business with.

Change the natural environment only when necessary, protect employees and members of the public from potential hazards, protect the conservation and sustainable use of natural resources, minimise pollution and waste, protect wildlife, reduce air/noise pollution and recycle resources.