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A Total Tree Care Company offers a wide range of services including Arboricultural Services, Tree Surveys, Loler Examinations, Legal Advice and Training.

Our Arboricultural Services

At A Total Tree Care Company we offer a full range of arboricultural services province wide, such as:

- Dismantling
- Crown Reductions
- Crown Thinning
- Hazard Tree Removal
- Pruning
- Recyclable Materials, Logs & Woodchip
- 24 Hour Emergency Service

Below is a typical example of the process involved in reducing the size of a tree while maintaining it's form.

We are fully insured for both Public Liability and Employer's Liability and have Private & Professional Indemnity Insurance.


As any pruning or wounding of trees can cause problems in the future, extensive cutting should be avoided where possible, but crown reduction may be the only form of tree retention or management.

Total Tree Care


This specific Beech Tree was located within striking distance of a listed building. An adjacent Beech Tree of similar age and in the same location fell a few months previously due to root effects and caused considerable damage.

Total tree Care


The occupier of the dwelling did not want to fell the remaining trees causing aesthetics of the entire building & grounds to be affected.

Total Tree Care


An opinion was given to firstly measure the tree and its potential targets and then to carry out a crown reduction properly so the tree would keep its true shape & form, but should this tree fall it would not strike the target.